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Religion October 8, 2011

Posted by Nemuu in Uncategorized.

I don’t get how some people try to mock Islam and Muslims by saying: they don’t get what’s up with the number of Muslims named Mohamed and that even Christians don’t name their kids Jesus.
What they fail to realise is that, neither do we name our kids Allah. Abdullah sure, because that means ‘servant of Allah’. But instead we name them after the greatest man that ever lived, the epitome of mankind perfected. & isn’t it very common for others’ kids to be named after their grandmother/father or whatever? Muhammad s.a.w. was an even better person than any grandmother/father anyone could have had, so why not? Tell me then, why not name your kid after the most perfect man, in the hopes that your kid could follow in his footsteps?
Muhammad s.a.w. was a man like any other man, he was Allah’s servant raised to the highest honour. He was not a God, simply a Messenger of Allah Most High.
I really don’t have anything against other religions. My stand has always been, ‘To each his own.’ I just hate to stand by and let ignorant people actually spread their absolute lack of knowledge. People should just stick to talking about things they actually know anything about.

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